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Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Podcast with Dwaine Clarke is a show that provides actionable content focused on creating Wealth, Cash Flow and Financial Freedom through Real Estate. Through stories, advice and tips of highly successful and active real estate investors and thought leaders we provide listeners the tools they need to succeed and reach the lifestyle they always wanted.

Jul 14, 2021

Darin is the author of the popular “The 9 Month Investment” as well as “Paranoid Banker Secrets – A Conservative Investors Guide To Double Digit Returns In Any Economy“, "Getting Rich In Real Estate Partnerships", “Turning PRO As A Real Estate Investor”, “Paranoid Investor” “Renter Nation” and "Half A Billion Sold!".  

Darin operates five real estate related companies in Cedar Rapids, IA and is frequently guests on radio talk shows, podcastst and TV news related to multi-family investment real estate as well as physical and mental self-improvement.


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